CD REVIEW Bring It On!: Horrorpops 

I had very low expectations for this CD. Patricia Day, the lead singer, is on the cover dressed like a porn-ready Bride of Frankenstein. Bring It On is a cheesy name for an album and, come on, they're called the Horrorpops. Sometimes, though, first impressions can be very wrong.

Patricia Day is a harder version of the Gwen we all miss. (Damn you, Gwen, you sell-out.) Day is fresh and spunky and adds her own flavor to every song. She also plays the upright bass--how cool is that? Sure, the band looks like a freak show but we can at least appreciate girls who aren't trying to be sex symbols. The lyrics are pretty standard. They didn't use an endless stream of four letter words to mask a shady vocabulary like so many rock bands do--a note-worthy perk. As for the rest of the band members, I was left with little impression. Except for whoever that trash-can banger is that calls himself a drummer. He's nearly as disgraceful as the creepy girl from the White Stripes. And, there's an incessant ticking in every song. I either got a bad CD, or there was a problem in production. Let's hope it was the former.

In any case, the Horrorpops are worth checking out. Well, at least Miss Day is. I, for one, am glad they ventured from their home in Denmark to bless the music scene with what they have to offer.

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