CD REVIEW Mourir c'est Facile (Dying Is Easy): The Very Hush Hush 

It's a good thing for bands like The Very Hush Hush that we have the Internet and, of course, the ever-informative Weekly, to expose us to relatively unheard of musicians. As the Internet has opened new opportunities for underground music to rise, it seems we have invented all sorts of new genres to place this plethora of unknown bands in. What is with "shoegazer" and "emo" music? Since when does that describe a damn thing? I still refer to everything as being rock, metal, country, etc. The Very Hush Hush is an exception. They are incredibly tough to classify. I wouldn't know what to call them without using some shoegazer/emo term. Their music is soothing and subtle: a lullaby set to mumbled lyrics and whispered choruses. Though I couldn't distinguish one word break from the next, when I peeked at the lyrics inside the cover I found them to be quite fascinating. They create a mood with unusual rises and falls, unexpected builds and emphases in the way the words are sung which leave the listener not really knowing what they mean but definitely in the same vertigo the band was in when they wrote them.

Here's a little on just who The Very Hush Hush is: Grant Hazard Outerbridge and Peter Bo Rappmund. With names like that, they were destined to be musicians. Or cage fighters. They are obviously trained in classical piano music which is used prevalently throughout their CD. For such mellow music, the CD is good. Not amazing, but good and worth adding to your library. (Editor's note: go to to see more work by Ray Caesar, the artist whose work graces the cover of this CD.)

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