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Drive: The Graham Colton Band

At their Web site, the Graham Colton Band's bio suggests that Drive is "a collection of songs that instantly conveys that undeniable rock and roll appeal ... with memorable melodies and earnest lyrics ..." Admittedly, this CD is densely populated with melodies that are catchy to me and perhaps the average teenager; and there's no doubt that this is rock and roll. Further, this production is top-notch in terms of recording quality and tightness of the band members. All this narrows them down to a few thousand bands in the U.S., yet when their bio continues to describe the CD as "a sound that seems to have been absent for so long," this is where I become a skeptic.

As I listened to track after track of this CD, I continuously scanned my audio memory banks for the countless pop/rock songs I've heard recently and in the last decade--on the radio, at parties, at the record store, at the bars, and so on--and a simple compare and contrast yielded nothing revolutionary or ground-breaking. The Graham Colton Band is not, in my opinion, reviving any sound that has been absent for any significant duration of time, nor do I feel they are bridging any musical gap that is filling rock and roll enthusiasts with longing angst. What they have accomplished, however, is to hook up with a well-known producer, Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Black Crowes, Train, etc.), who knows how to market to turn a young bands into spun gold.

Put simply, this is a well-recorded and professional-sounding CD. There is no disputing this. Does it rise above the pop/rock masses as a savior with that long lost nostalgic rock and roll sound? Let's let the test of time answer that question.

--Krispen Hartung

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