CDHD Gives Green Light to Boise Co-op to Reopen Deli Following Salmonella Cases 

The Central District Health Department gave the Boise Co-op permission to reopen its deli June 19 after what CDHD called "one of the largest foodborne illness outbreaks in state history."

Cases of salmonella linked to the Boise Co-op deli were first reported on June 13. At the time, approximately 30 reported cases of salmonella had been tied to the North End grocer after June 1. That number is now much higher, with up to 250 cases being linked to what CDHD has described as an "outbreak."

Meanwhile, on June 15, an Idaho couple filed suit against the Co-op over a case of salmonella contamination. Randy and Judy Fisher state in their claim that Judy Fisher became ill from eating a tuna fish sandwich purchased at the deli, after which she began to experience symptoms of salmonella including headache, diarrhea and chills.

The Fishers allege that the Co-op "had a duty to comply with all applicable state and federal regulations intended to ensure the purity and safety of its food product" and "failed to comply with the provisions of the Idaho Food Code." The suit, for an undisclosed sum of money, seeks reimbursement for medical bills, out-of-pocket costs, lost wages and lost earning capacity in addition to "emotional distress, anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering, reduced life expectancy and all other ordinary, incidental and consequential damages."

The CDHD provided some tips to prevent salmonella infection:
  • Cook poultry, ground beef and eggs thoroughly. Do not eat or drink foods containing raw eggs or raw, unpasteurized milk.
  • Wash hands, kitchen work surfaces and utensils with soap and water immediately after they have been in contact with raw meat or poultry.
  • Be particularly careful with foods prepared for infants and the elderly.
  • Wash hands with soap after handling reptiles, birds or baby chicks and after contact with pet feces.
  • Avoid direct or even indirect contact between reptiles (turtles, iguanas, other lizards, snakes) and infants.
  • Don't work with raw poultry or meat and have contact with an infant (e.g., feed, change a diaper) at the same time.
CDHD has established a salmonella information line at 208-321-2222. For more info or to report a foodborne illness, go to
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