Celebrate NaNoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month) 

Wednesday, Dec. 7

After spending late nights in front of a keyboard preparing a novel--constructing characters, mulling over storylines and plot composition, searching for a suitable climax and delivering a crushing ending--you're probably ready for a break, especially if you did it all in only a month, in which case, you're probably ready for a celebration.

National Novel Writing Month, aka Nanowrimo, is a month-long event in which writers of all ages and skill levels attempt to complete a novel within a month's time. For those folks who made it through the rigorous writing schedule, the downtown Boise Public Library is hosting an "It's Over--Nanowrimo Celebration."

The party will include a potluck, some small contests and giveaways, prizes, and, of course, readings from the hard-working authors.

Nanowrimo is a worldwide event, and it's estimated that 1,300 people signed up for the event in Boise. Participants are not supposed to edit or use the backspace key. Instead, they're encouraged just to write, get it all out, and then go back and make edits and amendments once the event is over.

"It's an incentive program to encourage people to try and achieve something that seems impossible," said Fiona May, a library assistant. "It's really about getting people to express themselves."

She added, "The people who give it a try and actually write every single day for the whole month of November, they discover something about themselves that maybe they didn't know before, which is that maybe they can do something extraordinary."

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