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Re: “Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant

Chicken Panang Curry.

I think from now on, I will use that term for everything I find otherwise indescribably awesome.

My introduction to Thai food was a very brief, shy, little interlude, but quickly grew into an obsessive, passionate love affair... replete with dirty little things that ladies don't speak about in polite company. Like what I imagine most stay-at-home moms are doing these days, I watch a lot of Food Network and Travel Channel, desperately wishing I had bought into some kindling stock during the dotcom era so that I could be as cool as THOSE guys... you know, Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, etc... and travel the world JUST so I could eat something not tainted by American culinary school. I've been craving something unusual and delicious and fun and... yeah well, foreign.

So when I walked into Sa-Wad-Dee and simply smelled the place, I knew that the object of my desire was near... I had only to identify it among the many pages of hard-cover-bound menu. My recommendation is that, unless you know their menu really well, don't go when you're starving. Their menu is huge! You need a good ten or fifteen minutes just to look through everything in it. And you have the sense that if you make a decision too quickly, you'll be missing something wonderful. So, of course, even when something looks good, you have to continue flipping just to see what you're NOT ordering. There are ten different curries... which is rather like having to choose which one of your children you'd save from a housefire.

My boyfriend and I took a friend of ours out to dinner there to thank her for helping me out with our newborn baby that week. I think the reward was disproportionate now. I'll get her a card next time.

The service was some of the best I've had here in Boise, and they are more than happy to explain the deluge of exciting, but unfamiliar choices you have. Need to make a change to a dish, or customize anything about your order? They will do that, too. It doesn't seem to be a place that would market or cater to families with young children, but I had taken my daughter with us and they were very accommodating by providing us with an upside-down high-chair and making sure we were sat at a table where we wouldn't be in everyone's way.

They also serve sushi. I believe that Boiseans will go to war someday over the best sushi place around, so allow me to throw in my two cents before it's no longer safe to do so. Sa-Wad-Dee has the best sushi ever... anywhere. And I've eaten a LOT of sushi, all over the place (But not any near the ocean, so I may admittedly be declaring this a bit too soon.) As an appetizer, (big mistake) we ordered about two or three rolls to sample and snack on until our food came. I fell in love.

Sadly, I did not order their Chicken Panang Curry, and clearly failed as a parent. I couldn't decide on any one thing, so I chose one of their combination entrees, consisting of a Spring Roll, a small serving of Tom Kha Kai soup, and Pad Thai with chicken. Everything I was served was simply perfect. But of course, I had to try my boyfriend's food, the venerable, above-mentioned Chicken Panang Curry.

It was everything you could ever want in food, replete with fresh broccoli, thinly sliced and tenderized chicken breast, the warm, fuzzy flavor of curry, and the sweetness of coconut milk... all topped off with a lovely purple flower.

I could go on, but I'm not really a food writer.

This would be a great date night place in Meridian if you're looking for something special.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 04/05/2010 at 10:02 AM

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Re: “UPDATE: Man's Body Discovered Under Americana Bridge, Suspect in Custody

Benj Hall... Rusty wasn't the one who beat the woman earlier in the evening. He's the deceased. The man who killed him fought with the woman. It's possible no one contacted the police, and that's why the suspect wasn't arrested.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 10/28/2014 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Otter Requests 9th Circuit 'En Banc' Review of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

A friend of mine correctly pointed out that had Idaho and those other states not specifically "banned" gay marriage in the first place, thereby sanctioning discrimination, there would be no laws to overturn, nor would gay marriage have been forced into recognized legality if not for the hissy fit it's opposition threw. They literally defeated themselves... not because "religion!," not because "tradition!," not because, "baby-making!," but because gay sex and gay kissing and gay hand-holding is icky to these well-bred Christian men. If they'd have left well enough alone, when there was no precedent for gay marriage, this issue may have evolved more smoothly and without $81,000 of bullshit.

Why was this a voter issue at all? Do we get to vote on whether Butch's second marriage is invalid because by marrying another woman before his first wife has died, he's committing adultery according to biblical and traditional canon, ESPECIALLY as a Catholic?

No, and I wouldn't want to. It's not my business, and I wish him the very best in life and love. I can promise I will never take any action to diminish his full, unhindered participation in American society and will never interfere with his pursuit of happiness.

But I'm not a whiny, manipulative, self-important, shit-for-brains sore-loser.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 10/28/2014 at 1:39 AM

Re: “Boise Man Behind Bars, After Dog Causes Severe Injuries to Child

Wendyjo, I was getting frustrated with the same thing! It's because people are programmed to automatically think "mother" when they think of a child's caregiver. Mothers are the most universally maligned, misrepresented, and grossly over-judged group of people ever. I'm not defending bad people... but seriously, are we sooooo accustomed to and forgiving of the proverbial deadbeat dad that we just assume he had no role to play here?

And guys... this guy may have gotten those tattoos when he was a teenager... it looks like he's been having them removed. And maybe that dog was a rescue that he thought he could rehabilitate. The fact that he WAS watching a couple of kids that weren't his could be showing what a well-intentioned guy he is.

Not trying to be Libby Libby Kumbaya, or anything, but I don't think the parent(s) of these children were thinking, "Hey, who's the biggest loser I know with whom I could leave my children?" and keep in mind, they know him better than we do. This dude wasn't thinking, "Hey, wonder if I could find some kids to babysit to use as target practice for my dog?"

Obviously some poor decisions were made, but we are seeing only a glimpse of one horrible moment in the lives of these people, and I've no doubt anyone of them would take it back. Being judgey and assumey leads to mob mentality, wrongful conviction, and at the very least makes harder the life of someone who might not deserve it.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 07/27/2014 at 9:21 AM

Re: “State Journal: Idaho Tax Commission Targets 12 Year Old, Charity Auction

Aren't we in a Republican-controlled "Taxed Enough Already" state? The hypocrisy and the corruption and the palm-greasing in this state gets me literally depressed. My family and I are ditching this place next year after nearly twenty years in this awful, evil state. I am politically really conservative, but I cannot vote Republican, NOR any current Libertarians. I've had to increasingly look to Democrats to fulfill my conscience, but even that results in plenty of slapped faces lately. I canNOT wait for the inevitable overhaul of our political system. Hopefully it's for the best and not the way it's heading now.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 09/02/2013 at 12:21 PM

Re: “Labrador on Meet The Press: Criticizes African American Leadership For Being 'Hopeless'

Wait, wait, wait... his single mother lost her job because she was pregnant? I guess he's right. We SHOULD focus on "hoping." Facts will just distract us.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 08/26/2013 at 12:53 PM

Re: “Idaho Milk Industry Cheers Senate Passage of Immigration Reform Bill, Scolds Crapo and Risch For 'No' Votes

I actually see the wisdom in what L Mc is saying about the current situation, but that doesn't mean that immigration reform is not needed. Ag business in Idaho is dirty as f*ck, and these guys should have been prosecuted for what they've done, but the immigrants are not at all to blame. They deserve better.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 06/27/2013 at 11:01 PM

Re: “10,000 Muslims Rally Outside Google's London Headquarters

@Momsaid: Why in the world would you think that? As Muslims are decidedly extremely right-wing politically and culturally, why do you think progressives (look up the word, would ya?) would cave to such a thing?

@Mick Cooksley: They are in the UK, and were probably born there as the country has a very high population of Muslims. I don't think they should "go back to where they came from," as the hospitals are not feasible places to live. Perhaps they should just turn off their computers, and take a five minute breather to cool their tempers.

As a woman, for the record, their Prophet insults me. But I'm not burning the Quran. I wish they (the Muslims whom are taking such an extreme offense) could learn to take it on the chin and co-exist like the rest of (most of) us have learned to do.

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Posted by Cellarhuk on 10/14/2012 at 2:59 PM

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