Census: Idaho Hispanic Population Continues to Outpace Overall Population Growth 

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Idaho's population continues to become more diverse. New data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that the Gem State's Hispanic population grew 3.6 percent between mid-2016 and mid-2017, up from a 3.4 percent increase the prior year. Compare that the state's overall population growth in the same time period of 2.2 percent. The total number of Hispanic residents of 215,392 accounted for 12.5 percent of the state's population.

Four groups, labeled "racial" by the U.S. Census, reported an increase of five percent, compared to the previous year. Those who identified themselves as "two or more races" increased 5.5 percent.

Canyon and Ada counties were ranked first and second in total Hispanic population and had the largest numeric increases. Canyon County’s Hispanic population increased 1,819 for a total of 54,873 while Ada County‘s increased by 1,867 for a total Hispanic population of 37,569.  
  • Idaho Department of Labor
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