Changes All Around 

As Rachael Daigle leaves us for her new adventure, Boise Weekly is again without an editor for a short while. BW has accomplished many things under Daigle's reign.

Under her watch, BW started publishing Annual Manual, a behemoth project that we talked about for five years before proceeding. We vastly expanded our online content, and quadrupled our web traffic since she rejoined us in 2008. The last time you heard from me was prior to her taking the editorial helm more than four years ago, our last presidential election year, a time of great hope. She will be missed by all at BW.

Now in my 11th year in Boise, so much has changed and so much has stayed the same. The hole is getting filled, finally, Thr!ve came and went and Radio Boise is now on the air. I had hoped for more profound changes, the kind that help our community be competitive and viable in an ever-changing world, bringing jobs and creative energy to solve problems and challenges in new ways. I am a believer that it can be done without compromising the excellent quality of life that is enjoyed in this valley.

Having just returned from a meeting with publishing colleagues in Vermont, I am glad to be back in Boise. I always return with new ideas, great optimism about the possibilities before us and gratitude. My immediate task at hand is to find the next editor for BW, someone who has what it takes to continue where Daigle has left off.

In the interim, BW's editorial team will take turns filling this space. Next week, Sheree Whiteley will kick off and you will hear from the whole editorial staff in this space by the time you hear from a new editor.

I still meet people who have never heard of BW. Do me a favor and pass a copy on to someone. You might make their day, or get them riled up enough to get off the couch, stop watching TV and perhaps do something to make a difference.

This week, you will find The Blue Review inside BW, our first collaboration with Boise State University's College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs. This Blue Review focuses on the race for the White House, examining the election from media, environmental and religious angles.

And bring a friend to the cover auction. I hope to see you all at Idaho State Historical Museum Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 5 p.m. Auction starts at 6 p.m., and we expect it to be our best year yet.

Also, congratulations to our Art Director Leila Ramella-Rader and her husband, Dave, on the arrival of their son.

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