Chaos Contest 

Wednesday, April 27, at Fatty's Bar

Tired of going to mediocre concerts to justify your bar-hopping habit? Or attending trivia nights that are more predictable than the ending of new Adam Sandler movies? Fatty's Bar is here to resuscitate your night on the town with Chaos Contest, a five-round gameshow hosted by Janelle Wilson and Mikey Pullman.

Similar to The Price Is Right, the Chaos Contest pulls participants from the crowd. The events are shrouded in secrecy until the night of the event, but prior Chaos Contests engaged contestants in challenges like who could heckle Pullman the best while he does his stand-up comic act, or who could come up with the best interpretive, sexually charged dance to accompany a Christmas carol.

The atmosphere is like a high school reunion--everybody can feel free to have a laugh at his or her own expense. Prizes will be given away throughout the evening to bar patrons in attendance, as well as a $100 bar tab for the Chaos Contest champion. Go alone or with your crew and see if you have what it takes to win. On second thought, don't go alone--$100 is a big bar tab.

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