Check out the Latahs on that Bovill! 

If our state were a big, hairy dude, Bovill, Idaho would be located in a spot you'd probably never see on that dude, unless you were watching him perform in the leading role of a dirty movie. Let's just say that Bovill is a few clicks south of the panhandle and costs about $45 to get pierced, if you know what I mean.

Could it be any surprise, then, when the Latah County Sheriff's Office arrested Bovill mayor Bradley E. Dorendorf on December 30 for allegedly using city computers to visit the slipperiest, smuttiest sites the Internet has to offer? Answer: No, not particularly. It's slightly more surprising that Dorendorf allegedly looked at so much porn (audience: "How much porn was it?") that he managed to break the computer he was using. Or, more accurately, the deluge of pop-up advertisements that accompanied Dorendorf's chosen porn pages overloaded the computer's pleasure centers in some high-tech way.

Either way, after the Latah County Sheriff's Office wrapped up their seven-month investigation of Dorendorf, they had compiled enough forensic evidence and witness accounts to bring this king of sin (or would he just be the jack?) to court. In court papers quoted by the Lewiston Tribune, Dorendorf said that he accidentally opened some SPAM e-mail, which then turned into pornography before his very eyes. News of the mayor's transgression spread from the Lewiston Tribune to the AP wire, and then to dozens of newspapers nationwide in less time than it takes to download a JPG of some XXX BDSM--whatever that means.

EDITORIAL CLARIFICATION: The author did not determine the information above by typing "Idaho porn" into every search engine on the Internet.

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