This Week's Find: ChocoVine 

Chocolate and red wine have been teaming up to drop panties for centuries. It's impossible to imagine a Bacchanalian romp without the two aphrodisiacs playing a prominent role. Well, thanks to the Dutch, there's now a more efficient way to consume chocolate and red wine. Presenting ChocoVine.

"ChocoVine: "A taste of Dutch chocolate and fine red wine."

This 14-percent alcohol, Yoo-hoo-looking "wine" recently began showing up on local convenience store shelves. In the name of thorough journalism, we busted out the BW credit card and sheepishly bought an $11.99 bottle at our local Jackson's. Not sure how to serve it, we threw it in the freezer to chill for half an hour. Then with an array of creamy, reddish-brown shots before us, we plugged our noses and threw the ChocoVine down the hatch.

The results were surprising: "This isn't the worst thing in the world," said one staffer. "This is how you sleep with sorority girls," added another. "It tastes like high school," noted a third.

Like a more chocolaty Bailey's, ChocoVine charmed with its pleasant flavor and boozy finish. And while it would take the perseverance/low-tolerance of a teenager to get a buzz off ChocoVine, most BW editorial staffers raised high our shot glasses for a second round ... and then winced at the thought of a ChocoVine hangover.

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