Christopher Titus Is Happy to Be Angry 

Friday, Dec. 13, Knitting Factory

If the TV show Titus premiered today, hardly an eyelid would bat. In the past few years, television viewers have come to love the anti-hero: a science teacher turned meth dealer; a serial killer with a code; an alcoholic ad exec. But when comedian Christopher Titus' eponymous series premiered in 2000, the dark comedy was considered groundbreaking. Titus was loosely based on the titular character's real life, making his remembrances of abuse and neglect, and his no-holds-barred interactions with his friends and family--particularly his crass, womanizing father (played by Stacy Keach)--all the more cringe-inducing.

When Titus ignored network honchos' request to include a story arc based on a fictional situation, his show was canceled. And to this day, Titus continues to do things his way, including on his new tour, "The Angry Pursuit of Happiness," which hits Boise Friday, Dec. 13. Titus will deliver the same brand of unflinching, brutally honest stand-up as he does in his grip of comedy albums and specials, as well as on his popular podcast--the tagline of which is "never unbiased and always unbalanced"--featuring Rachel Bradley, a.k.a. Bombshell Rae, a fellow comic, the tour opener and Titus' wife.

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