Citizen Advocacy Group Cheers 'Historic' Oil and Gas Ordinance in Eagle 

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  • Adam Rosenlund
A grass-roots citizen advocacy group is cheering the news that the City of Eagle has passed what the group calls "one of the most protective oil and gas ordinance in the nation."

In April, Boise Weekly began chronicling the efforts of Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability to push back against oil and gas exploration speculators in Eagle. Through a series of public hearings with the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission, CAIA and a growing number of citizens asked P & Z commissioners to craft strict guidelines on exploration and drilling.

“The risks to property rights, property values, mortgage and insurance contracts, public health and safety, our pets, livestock and wildlife, and irreplaceable water, air and soil have been well documented in other states where communities like ours have been reduced to ‘sacrifice zones’ by irresponsible oil and gas development," said CAIA.  "It is left up to us citizens to push for better protections than the weak regulations currently under state law that, frankly, offer greater leeway for the industry than safeguards for citizens and their property.”

As written, the new ordinance approved by the Eagle City Council contains unprecedented safety setbacks (required distances from occupied buildings, roads, power lines, etc.) and sets forth stringent water testing requirements and mandatory chemical tracers in drilling/fracking fluids.

"Ordinance No. 792 is a model for all Idaho communities that lie within the crosshairs of this industry," said Brock. "Our kids and grandkids are depending on us to get this right.”

CAIA members posed with city staff and members of the Eagle council following the ordinance's June 26 passage.

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