Boise Weekly's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We've split the gifts into five categories: The Adventurer, The Idahomebody, The Culture Junkie, The Family Plan and The Friend Who Has Everything (for—well, you get it).
Full steam ahead!

Special Issues: Gift Guide

Boise Eats: A Culinary Field Trip

Make the pilgrimage to Eagle for dinner—we promise you won't regret it.

Restaurant Guide

Boise Drinks: Suck It, Plastic

Boise restaurants, bars and more continue to ditch plastic straws, look at what's next to go.

Bar Guide

Annual Manual 2018: Badges of Honor

Along the way, you'll stack up a nice collection of merit badges and end up well prepared to blaze down many of Boise's important, and sometimes imposing, trails.
The very idea of scouting and being recognized for meritorious achievement is set deep in Idaho's DNA. One of its earliest practitioners was Sacagawea, who scouted the uncharted territory of the Mountain West in the early 1800s (yes, Lewis and Clark were along for the walk).

Annual Manual: Intro

Here It Is: Best of Boise 2018

We had an unprecedented number of nominations and votes this year, and for all of that, our first big thank-you is to you. You make this happen.
There has been plenty of conversation (and some uncivilized debate) about the growth of Boise. Forbes magazine reminds us that Boise anchors the fastest-growing area in the U.S., and the U.S. Census confirmed as much when it announced that according to 2017 data, Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the nation and the Treasure Valley accounts for more than half of that explosion.

Introductions to the year's Best of Boise


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