City Salves Man's Ass 

Boise settles with wrongfully tased man

The City of Boise has settled for an undisclosed amount of money with a man who Boise Police tased multiple times in the genitals nearly a year ago, according to a memo sent to Boise police officers.

Boise blogger David Frazier published a portion of the memo at the Boise Guardian on Feb. 8. Boise Weekly independently confirmed the contents of the memo, and a spokesman for the city denied our request to review the settlement document.

"A settlement agreement has been tentatively reached in a lawsuit filed against four Boise Police officers by a man alleging misconduct in the use of a Taser during his arrest," said Boise Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower. "The terms and conditions of the settlement are confidential, have been sealed by the federal court and cannot be disclosed."

The victim, Gerald Amidon, was at his girlfriend's house on Valentine's Day 2009 when Boise police barged in, tackled him and applied the Taser to his genital area, threatening to shock him again on his "ass" and "balls."

The city's police ombudsman corroborated many of the details in Amidon's federal lawsuit, which sought $500,000 from the city.

Boise Police Sgt. George Stevens, identified only as Officer No. 10 in the ombudsman's report, has also notified the city of his intent to sue for $2 million for emotional distress, defamation and violation of privacy after he was disciplined for erasing a recording of the Taser incident. Part of his discipline, disclosed in his tort claim, was attending sergeant's training classes.

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