Clash of the Titans 

Dear Minerva,

My husband and I just bought a beautiful home here in Boise and we are over-the-moon about settling in. We are an "odd couple" and have different tastes in almost everything. We haven't started digging deep into the decorating process yet, but I am already worried about the clash of wills. We both have big personalities but mine is far more colorful and eclectic than his is. We both want the home to be ours in every way. How can we avoid an all-out war?

—Sincerely, Clash of the Titans

Dear Clash,

Whether good taste, bad taste, or no taste, my first advice would be do not take decorating too seriously. As long as you both go into the process with the mindset that this is about creating a beautiful home together and not a matter of one-upping the other, you should have a lot of fun finding ways of blending your two styles together. If you have the cash, hire a professional to help meet your common goals. If you don't, let it be a bonding experience. You may both find that your love for each other may facilitate your love of each other's tastes. After all, you are together for a reason. Sharing life and space with someone means there is room for both of you to express yourselves. His conservative wingback may look great with your bohemian throw pillow. The last thing you want is to create a space born from resentment, anger, and ill-will.

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