BCT's 'The Wolves' Takes Audiences to the Soccer Pitch to Give Young People a Voice 

It has enjoyed immense critical praise, but Sarah Delappe's The Wolves, which opens Saturday, Oct. 19, at Boise Contemporary Theater, will take audiences to the athletic fields, where the members of the Wolves women's soccer team faces the "tribulations of being an adolescent through the lens of this sport that they love," said BCT Artistic Director Benjamin Burdick.

The play is a dramedy, balancing comedic and dramatic themes, and the players on the Wolves still manage to keep things humorous despite dealing with serious situations. Directed by Kittson O'Neil, it centers on nine high school soccer players, and Burdick said it's a chance to see "young people on stage and told realistically on stage," adding that "there's a great team of underrepresented people on stage."

Through it all, the actors' endurance will be on full display, with them moving continuously during the 70-minute show. And just like the Wolves club, the play itself is imbued with a sense of team effort.

"One of the really remarkable themes about this play: There are nine soccer players and all of them have an equal amount of storyline and stage time," Burdick said.

The Wolves runs at BCT until Saturday, Nov. 9. Tickets are available for $18-$38 online


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