Climate Change and Idaho: Hot Topic at Boise's Hillcrest Library Branch 


Abigal Lute is less interested in the melodrama or debate surrounding climate change; she's a lot more interested in the facts. Lute is an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education research fellow with the US Forest Service and she's preparing to deliver a presentation on the hottest topic of our times at the Hillcrest branch of the Boise Public Library on Wednesday, October 14, beginning at 7 p.m. Lute said her presentation is designed to cover the basics of the global phenomenon, including the actual definition of climate change, its widespread occurrence and how it's changing Idaho in particular.

“My background is focused on water and snow related issues," Lute told Boise Weekly. "I’ve spent a lot of time studying those things in Idaho. I’ll highlight how climate change is going to affect Idaho- not just in rising temperatures, but also in the way people go about living their daily lives.”

And for as much as climate change is covered by national media, Lute says it's still rare to have an in-person discussion with someone keen on the complexities of the issue.

“There are not many opportunities for people to get straight information,” she said. “There is so much media coverage. There is a lot of bias that can go into that. I am really excited to provide an opportunity for people to learn about climate change in an open, relaxed setting.”

Lute said her presentation will be formatted so that she allows ample group discussion. The event, which is part of the library’s Conversations series, is free and open to the public and begins at 7:00PM in the Lemhi Room at the Hillcrest library branch on Wednesday.

“I’m hoping for a very diverse audience to be there,” said Lute.

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