Clockwork Carnival Creates Steampunk Paradise at Liquid 

Saturday, March 16

If you yearn for the age of steam-powered action and adventure, and donning your stovepipe hat and goggles is your idea of dressing up, then the looking-backward-looking-forward world of steampunk might be your hidden calling.

And if you can't think of a better environment than the inner workings of a grandfather clock and prefer trans-Atlantic zeppelin travel to the cramped seats and security zealotry of conventional airplanes, then the Clockwork Carnival is just your kind of rabbit hole.

Wicked Wonderland Empire brings its steampunk-themed masquerade ball the Clockwork Carnival to Liquid Saturday, March 16, from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. It's an opportunity to explore your inner tinker, tailor, rocket-powered soldier, spy. Bring your most decorated gas masks and don your finest frocks, because there's going to be a costume contest worthy of the Queen of Hearts.

The evening also promises plenty of tunes from equally committed steam-enthusiasts. Mixes from DJs The Redd Queen and DJ Bones, along with performances by Bella Luna, Wonderland Go Go's and Performers, Gypsy Fortune Tellers, The Delphi Oracles and special guest Voltaire are sure to rock the house--or, rather, the machinist's workshop.

If you're looking to get steamy and have an urge to bring out your best off-kilter top hat, tickets are available online for $10 at

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