Coca-Cola Will Address Obesity in New Ads 

Coca-Cola will encourage consumers to keep buying soda--and then burn it off--in its first ad campaign addressing obesity.

Coca-Cola has a very Coca-Cola specific plan for losing weight: drink Coca-Cola, and then burn it off with some exercise.

On Wednesday, a Coke commercial will air during "American Idol," the Los Angeles Times reported. In the ad, the company will announce that a can of Coke has just 140 calories, and that burning them off can be "fun."

Starting on Monday, Coca-Cola began airing ads on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC that point to the company's low-calorie drinks, the Associated Press reported.

In a spot called “Coming Together” – a name reminiscent of Starbucks’ recent effort to get fiscal cliff negotiations moving – Coca-Cola is showcasing its efforts to be transparent about the nutritional content of its products while also expanding its lineup of better-for-you beverages with low or no calories.

“The Coca-Cola Company has an important role in this fight,” said Stuart Kronauge, general manager of Coca-Cola North America’s sparkling beverages division, in a statement.

In September, a study showed a direct link between consumption of sugary drinks and obesity. The study, which looked at 33,000 Americans, made a surprising finding: it found clear proof that sugary beverages interact with genes that affect weight gain, amplifying a person's risk for obesity.

And in December, a study found that people who drink diet soda in excess are more likely to be depressed.

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