Coercion by the Collective 

The liberal mainstream media gleefully reported glowing stories that

the Albertson College's academic staff and the Board of Trustee's selection

for their 2005 commencement speaker, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was because of her

well-known philanthropic support for "environment, education, young

children, the arts, women's issues and health care" matters; so wrote the

Idaho Statesman. (6-5-05)

What the mainstream media ignored was Teresa Heinz Kerry's massive

financial support to the secretive Tides Foundation which has "distributed

more than $300 million ... to rabid anti-war demonstrators, anti-trade

demonstrators, domestic Islamist organizations, pro-terrorist legal groups,

[radical] environmentalists, abortions partisans, extremist homosexual

activists and open borders activists," as reported by Ben Johnson, editor of

Front Page Magazine which is part of David Horowitz' Center for the Study of

Popular Culture.

Mr. Johnson details Teresa Heinz Kerry's charity as being "the bag

lady for the radical left," in his book 57 Varieties of Radical Causes.

(For a copy, contact:

Her appearance at AC of I is an excellent opportunity to clearly

illustrate the ideological struggle that mankind has battled for over 2000

years. The struggle in large part is the difference between individual

human liberty and coercion by the collectivists.

While we celebrate the brave individuals throughout history, who by

way of their hard fought victories, have set the stage whereby a local

private college can freely invite a speaker even if that person's deeds and

actions have promoted the collectivist's coercive side of the ideological


At the same time, and upon the same premise, we exercise our

individual liberty to use this occasion as a stark reminder that individual

human liberties are (and have been) consistently under attack by those who

prey to lord over us with the willing help of today's higher education.

Rest assured that we would never call for "censoring" or "banning"

Teresa Heinz Kerry from speaking for the left at the AC of I commencement.

In fact, that would be abhorrent to us. Note, however, that the Canyon

County daily newspaper, the Idaho Press-Tribune did "censor" and "ban" our

paid newspaper advertisement, promoting Mr. Johnson's book, by refusing to

print it in their publication. The ad did run in the Idaho Statesman on

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 (albeit with three required disclaimers).

Along these same lines, the fact that our colleges and universities

have become a bastion for the "left" is truly an understatement. This has

been quantified over the years by measuring voter registration of

professors, scientific polling, and counting institutionally funded campus

speakers, to name a few. Student and professor testimonies abound about

leftist ideological discrimination. (For more research see: or CATO or American Enterprise Institute)

Moreover, I would refer you to the proposed Idaho Academic Bill of

Rights ( which is clearly designed to protect both

professors and students from ideological discrimination from either the

"left" or the "right." The motto for the Idaho Academic Bill of Rights is:

"How can students get a good education when they are only telling them half

of the story?"

In closing, we hope that you would join us in celebrating the brave

individuals who throughout the ages have struggled for Adam Smith's

individual human liberty and against Karl Marx's coercion by the collective.

Enshrined at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is the quote, "I have sworn upon

the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the

mind of man."

Laird Maxwell is the chairman of Idahoans for Tax Reform. Your can reach

him at, or phone (208) 426-0358

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