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Re: “Report: Idaho Among 10 States Running Out of Smart People

I came to Idaho a little over 7 years ago. What I have learned here is interesting and disgusting. I had never heard the term "You need" until I got here. It is rampant here. People with or without intelligence have bought in to that concept. You cannot ever tell someone what they need, you can only ask them. You can tell them what you need. The "You need" attitude relieves them of the need to accept any responsibility for anything, while making the "you's" responsible for everything. They need to do nothing and "you" need to do everything. This is a classic formula for failure and it is working.
Many people here are so busy just trying to get through the day and stay afloat that they have little time for getting involved with the issues that plague this state. Therefore, the wrong people get elected and re-elected and this state continues to fail when it could in fact, succeed.

The decisions they(the government) make are not logical or reasonable. The powers that be are too busy vying for re-election votes and pandering to the rich, powerful and well-connected. Nepitism is rampant here. They are penny wise and dollar foolish. They have no forsight into the consequences of their actions, for the most part. Hence, programs like Medicaid is now a 70%-30% split, instead of the 80%-20-% split it was, just a year ago.

This is an agricultural state; Illegal Immigrants/Aliens flock here in abundance. Although Senator Le Favor seems to believe that the State of Idaho pays very little for them and their families and children, just contact the Department of Corrrections, Education, Health & Welfare, Medicaid, etcetera and the picture you get is horrible! If an illegal is a productive person who lives, works in and supports America, then get them legalized. They are in the minority The majority fall into the categories that leech the very heart, soul and finances from this state. This insanity needs to stop now.

Many of the leaders here are selfish, mean-spirited, arrogant and some are ignorant as well, and many subscribe to the "good old boy" network. They sacrifice the people of this state for the rich, powerful and well-connected. They create fear among the people and they use "the Tax payers" as a catch-all phrase. They are willing to fund Illegal Immigrants/Aliens through every department and division within the state, at the same time they sell the poor, uneducated, disabled ( mentally and physically) down the road. They are cutting this and that for everyone, except themselves. They talk about "a new norm" and want people to adjust to having less and less each year as the prices go up each year. There doesn't seem to be much intelligence in many of their decisions. It quite harmful to have leaders without knowledge, experience and intelligence.

Education does equate to intelligence, it equates to information and knowledge. Intelligence without education does the intelligent a great disservice. Education, without intelligence, is a waste of time, effort, energy and money. I have a genius I.Q. and yet, I do not sport a 4 year college education. I educate myself on the subjects I need to. I do not celebrate degrees and titles, but I do celebrate knowledge and experience. Experience, I have found, is the greatest of teachers and knowledge without experience can be likened to a 2 year old, riding a bike without training wheels. You are going to get hurt...alot before you learn.

Idaho has intelligent people in it and more have moved to it. However, that being said, when nothing makes any sense, logically, morally, or reasonably, and when those of us who are intelligent start suffering extreme migraines over the way this state is being run, yes, we will leave.

It would behoove Idahoans to elect people not only with good handshakes, smies and "sales pitches", but people with a sense of COURAGE, ethics and morally responsiblity. These people must put the needs of the people above themselves and their buddies; they must quit granting themselves privileges and incomes, perks, medical and retirement options that they do not first give to their people. They must honor and uphold "legal" and they must irradicate all forms of "illegal". Until then, Idaho will continue to lose the Intelligent and if it waits too long, it will fall over the edge of precipice that it is now teetering on.

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Posted by cog on 02/23/2011 at 1:52 PM

Re: “Health and Welfare: Molina will be Penalized

At first I was angry with Molina, and like many I blamed them for everything. Over time and through numerous calls back and forth to Molina and various departments in Idaho, my attitude began to change. Computers do not think, or reason or use logic; they are as good as the programmers writing the programs (Molina) and the information going into the system (Idaho). Mine was a complicated situation because I moved from one Region, City and County to another; I had a variety of changes to make, a house to get certified, social security share of cost issues to resolve, billing issues, direct deposit issues, etcetera. At first it was a nightmare everyday.
Since then, I have gotten most of my issues resolved. What infuriates me is this childish pointing the finger stuff; we cannot go back to EDS. Period. WE must go forward. It is time for every department and every system that imputs into Molina to make certain that their information is correct and up-to-date. Only then, can they justifiably blame Molina. I have found really wonderful people at Molina who are working as fast as they can to get this mess resolved. A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND. SO, IDAHO, ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND GO TO WORK. THE STATE OF IDAHO IS AS MUCH TO BLAME FOR THIS FIASCO AS MOLINA...MAYBE MORE. We must all work together, all providers, the State of Idaho and Molina to secure the providers, without whom we cannot secure the members. NOW WE MUST WORK TOGETHER; WE CAN POINT FINGERS AND HEADS CAN ROLL LATER; TO DO SO NOW DOES NOTHING BUT WASTE TIME THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO WASTE

Posted by cog on 08/06/2010 at 11:17 AM

Re: “While Idaho's Medicaid Mess Grows, Molina's Profits Rise


Posted by cog on 08/06/2010 at 11:05 AM

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