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Sushi used to be an exotic dish. After discovering that the delicacy had reached American shores, I didn't know if it could be experienced outside of a fancy New York or San Francisco restaurant. After discovering it had made it inland to restaurants in the Gem State, it didn't seem such a stretch to find it in the deli section of my local grocery store. Somewhat expensive and sometimes questionable, I hadn't found a supermarket version worth writing about until my recent discovery of the Okami Sushi Samplers at WinCo. Holy Sashimi, Batman! This stuff is delicious. For $2.98, you can enjoy six large pieces of some of the best cooked fish, seaweed and rice to be found in a grocery store. Boxes contain inside-out California roll slices with K-rab, julienned carrots and spinach wrapped in seaweed; spicy K-rab salad wrapped in rice rolled in white and black toasted sesame seeds; plain K-rab salad wrapped and rolled the same as the spicy; and shrimp nigiri (fish on top of rice as opposed to rolled in it and sliced). There are combinations of each, depending on which box you buy. Each one comes with one packet of soya sauce (not quite enough), one packet of prepared wasabi paste and one packet of sliced, pickled ginger. The pieces are easy to eat with your fingers (just be sure you have a napkin) and make for a perfect lunch. Grab a box of Okami sushi, an Arizona Green Tea and find yourself a park bench. For less than $4 you can have an exotic lunch on a commoner's salary.

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