College Drive-In 

When I was told that the College Drive-In was closing on April Fool's Day, I figured it was a joke. However, I also agreed that we should go get a huge order and bring back to the BW office. I had eaten at the College Drive-In once before, so I knew they were da bomb for burgers, fries and shakes in Boise. Nicholas, Leila and I left the office in the big red truck.

We arrived at 12:43 p.m. to witness a huge standing line and a block's worth of cars waiting for the drive-thru. How long could the wait be, we figured? We would just sit in the car, listen to tunes and catch up on old times. At 12:46 we moved up one space, followed by two car-lengths at 12:54. By 12:56 we were getting hungry and moved a space. At 1:08 our car moved up a space and the saliva in our mouths had run dry from anticipation of banana caramel milkshakes. We moved again at 1:10, and the grumbling in our intestines began. At 1:11 and 1:15 we moved up another two car lengths. At 1:20, we ate our reserve jar of Carmex. At 1:22, we moved again and witnessed an old man was almost crying as he took pictures of his favorite burger joint's last day. At 1:29 we moved up and scrounged for lost french-fry bits left in the back seat by the spawn. When we moved up at 1:35, Terri Schiavo's feeding tube would have been a welcome relief. At 1:39, with eight cars still to go before we got to the window, and with my passengers passed out from hunger in the back seat, I realized that drastic action needed to be taken.

We busted line and raced down Broadway to the Chow Now Drive Inn-at which there was no line-and ordered up food for the office. We made it back by 2 and, telling tales of the long wait but not the source of the yummy burgers, handed out the last meal from the "College Drive-In." April Fool's, folks. Hope you enjoyed your Chow Now.

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