Coloring for Grown-Ups Holiday Fun Book 

From the authors of Coloring for Grown-Ups comes Coloring for Grown-Ups: Holiday Fun Book. This irreverent book is filled with activities that more authentically reflect how many adults feel about the holidays.

At the beginning of the year, distract yourself from miserable memories of the night before and wend your pencil through the "New Year's Day Walk-of-Shame Maze." In February, eschew twee cards with "I Wuv U" and "Be Mine" emblazoned on them, and send that someone special a hand-colored Valentines for Grown-Ups card with sayings like "I Tolerate You," "We're getting fat," and "We might have the same STD, so you might as well stay with me for a while." In March, break out your watercolors and get ready for a night of debauchery by painting the St. Patrick's Day "Puke-By-Numbers" page. For Father's Day, try to forget what a disappointment you are by doing the word search for your "Dad's Approval" or "Draw the Son Your Father Hoped You'd Be." At Halloween, stay home and color your inner demons like the "Fear of Becoming Your Parent" demon, the "High-School Baggage" demon and the "Procrastinating on Tax Shit" demon. Finally, for that most joyous holiday of all, "Dress the Toy-Making Underage Sweatshop Workers Like Festive Christmas Elves," or "Design your Own Ironically Hideous Holiday Sweater."

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