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We alties did something crazy last week: We tackled election coverage in a way that Boise Weekly has never covered an election before. We sent out a team of reporters to various election parties, as we have done in the past, but this time, rather than ask them to diligently report and file stories the next day, we asked them to report on the spot with video interviews that went out into the world unedited via Twitter. Then we reposted those tweets and videos on Facebook and live blogged them along with the results as the polls began pushing out reports. For a recap of our coverage, search #boisevotes on Twitter or catch up at Citydesk on

Now here's why you should care about how we covered the election more than a week later: Because you're about to see a lot more live coverage like it. Last week, we repeated the live reporting exercise when a white substance was found at the attorney general's office on the heels of a bomb threat. And starting Thursday, Nov. 17, we'll be reporting the same way from the Idaho Maximum Security Institute, where Paul Rhoades is scheduled to be executed on Friday, Nov. 18. Follow that coverage on Twitter at #RhoadesExecution, at Citydesk as it happens and at

In this edition of Boise Weekly, we look west. Many of us Boise-centric valley residents don't often make the quick trip into Canyon County, and we're missing out. Although we cover Nampa and Caldwell in our regular coverage from time to time, we force ourselves to dedicate a few pages exclusively to our western neighbors once a year. And every time we do, we discover new places to play, eat and recreate. My big 2C discovery this year? The bingo hall. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Elsewhere in this issue, you'll hear from the newest member of the Boise City Council, Ben Quintana, who is also now the council's youngest member. And in Food, we start wrapping up the final weeks of the Year of Idaho Food as food writer Guy Hand takes a tasting tour of goat meat.

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