Community Garden Tour 

Saturday, Aug. 27-Sunday, Aug. 28

If you've driven down Fort Street in the North End, you've likely noticed veggie vines snaking across an open field at the Boise High Downtown Teaching Farm.

But not all community gardens are so easy to spot. Some are hidden in residential neighborhoods or rest on the dusty outskirts of town, which is why the Idaho Foodbank has teamed up with a dozen or so local community gardens and farms for a self-guided Community Garden Tour on Saturday, Aug. 27, and Sunday, Aug. 28.

"It's a promotion for the gardens to get them a little publicity. Some of these [gardens] are small and hard to find. If you didn't know where they were, you might end up driving right past them," said Idaho Foodbank spokesman David Proctor.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, the public can visit spots like Trinity Community Garden, Peaceful Belly Farms, Landing Community Center Garden, Downtown Teaching Garden, Borah Community Garden, Common Ground Refugee Garden and Boise Urban Garden School. You can download a map for $5 online at

"We have hopes that this is going to turn into a regular deal and by doing that, we'll encourage more people to start doing gardens and get involved in current gardens and help them grow," said Proctor. "The economy isn't going to turn around by next year. I think this is going to be a real important part of the community."

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