Conservation Voters for Idaho Makes Endorsements in Boise Council Election 

One of the most influential political action organizations in Idaho, Conservation Voters for Idaho is weighing in on the election slated for Tuesday, Nov. 7, which has attracted more than a dozen candidates. CVI Executive Director Courtney Washburn said her organization is throwing its support to incumbent Councilman TJ Thomson, who is facing three challengers in the race for Council Seat 3; and Holli Woodings, one of three newcomers competing for Council Seat 6, being vacated by councilwoman Maryanne Jordan. In the open race for Council Seat 2, which has attracted five candidates, Washburn said CVI is split between two of the contenders, Lisa Sanchez and Frank Walker.

 "We found strengths in both [Sanchez and Walker],” said Washburn. “We’re really excited to work with either candidate.”

Washburn added CVI endorsements were the result of months of careful analysis of all 13 candidates—more candidates than the previous two city council elections in 2013 and 2015 combined.

“We spend a lot of time and effort getting a better understanding of where candidates are on conservation,” said Washburn. “We have that opportunity as an organization whereas individuals may not.”

Washburn said the endorsements are based on a variety of factors, including a questionnaire and each candidate's history. She said the most important factor, however, was the candidate’s reputation on local environmental issues, chief among them the Boise open space initiative that is also on the ballot this year.

“TJ Thomson was critical in the city putting the initial Boise for Clean Water and Open Space Levy on the ballot two years ago,” said Washburn. “Since he’s been in office, the city has done a lot more in their sustainability efforts and a lot more linking the economic benefits of conservation in the City of Boise.”

Washburn stressed the importance of Boise voter engagement this Election Day.

“Boise conservation is a value shared by most of the population and I hope that folks take our endorsement of these candidates as a fail-safe way to know that these candidates are committed to conservation and will show leadership on the issues.”

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