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Many chefs and food writers wait their whole careers to win a James Beard Award—an honor that's been called the food industry's Oscar. For Copper & Heat podcast founders Katy and Ricardo Osuna, the wait was much shorter: On April 26, 2019, the couple, both College of Idaho graduates, learned they'd won the prestigious James Beard Broadcast Media Award for Best Podcast after producing just six episodes.

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"We were not expecting anything at all," Katy told Boise Weekly, explaining that she and Ricardo had only applied because early admissions were free this year, a rare opportunity. "So the fact that we were nominated first and then the fact that we won was...I don't know, unbelievable for sure."

Copper & Heat is notable not just for its NPR-type interplay of reportage and music, but for the entirely authentic, grease-spattered widow it shoves open to allow a view of the Michelin-starred kitchen—from the point of view of its foot soldiers. Its first eight-episode season, Be A Girl, draws on Katy's experiences in professional kitchens and brings in the voices of other cooks, both men and women, to answer this question: "Why do women only represent 19% of chefs, and 7% of head chefs, across the culinary world?" Even if you've never personally stood at a restaurant stove (or wanted to) their trials, triumphs and insights are worth the listen.

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