Corb Lund, Oct. 18, Neurolux 

One thing you can count on at Neurolux is that you can't count on anything. Where clubs often focus on one genre of music to pull in the same fans weekend after weekend, Neurolux is the kind of place you can walk into on any given night and find a band that may not be your usual cup of tea but will likely be a stellar example—or sometimes the only one—of whatever kind of music they're performing.

On Saturday, that theory will be exemplified with the appearance of Canadian Corb Lund, recent recipient of the Canadian Country Music Association's Roots Artist of the Year award. Lund's late-2007 release, Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!, is an odd collection of songs, some especially odd in that the subject matter is as the title suggests: horses and soldiers. But the songs are also about family reunions, wrenches and pliers and war. On "Student Visas," Lund speaks-sings, "They took away our dogtags, they had us grow our hair / They gave us student visas when we were over there / They staged us out of Hondo al este del Salvador / I guess you'd call us Contras but no one calls much no more / There ain't no fun in killin' folk and I don't wanna do no more."

Lund's music is storyteller engaging, poignant and unusual enough that it lives up to the expectation that sometimes you don't know what to expect.

Saturday, Oct. 18, 9 p.m., $3. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0886.

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