Corporate Night: The Debut of Collapse Theater 

The leading contenders for Boise's anarchists-in-residence are Kelly Broich and the team behind American Films. Broich is a screenwriter and filmmaker by trade, with a genuine Hollywood agent and everything. But he spends most of his time making films in his garage--films that are not sent to festivals or theaters, though they're occasionally uploaded to Youtube. They're certainly not financially viable. In fact, whether other people like them or not doesn't matter at all. Broich says if anything, he makes them as therapy.

But that doesn't mean no one is interested. Some of the videos uploaded to the American Films Youtube channel have up to 15,000 views. Last fall's Absurdist Film Festival, which featured several of Broich's films, was a hit--as far as independent film festivals go.

This week, Broich launches a new venture: Collapse Theater, a monthly series of films and live theatrical presentations that aim to stretch the boundaries of comfort and taste.

"It's going to be a writer-driven theater group," says Broich. "All the writing will be satirical/absurdist, avant-garde, subversive, etc."

The theme for Collapse Theater's maiden performance is Corporate Night, which will feature short films and sketches skewering the cultish nature of motivational seminars, corporate culture and advertising tropes. Future planned themes include, Fuck the Earth Night (tentatively scheduled near Earth Day) and simply Fuck You Night.

[ Video is no longer available. ]
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