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Ada County has a new comprehensive plan, and this one integrates the much-touted Blueprint for Good Growth.

The Ada County Board of Commissioners approved the new plan on Nov. 27, making the 261-page plan the official guide for all future development within the county. Developed with input from smart-growth advocates, the agricultural community and transportation agencies, the plan looks at land-use policies and their relationship to property rights.

Additionally, the plan examines current and future school needs, population growth rates, land management and natural resource protection. The county also looked at how well utilities are working and what needs to be done to maintain public services, including waste disposal, fire stations and health facilities.

The county also touched on the topic du jour, transportation, analyzing both current and potential plans for the valley.

The new comprehensive plan also breaks out a separate plan of action for the Foothills area, as well as a parks, recreation and open space plan. The Foothills plan identifies possible conservation areas, as well as those areas that may be appropriate for future development.

These two sub-plans will have to go through a public hearing process before they can be formally adopted by the commission.

The comprehensive plan was last updated in 1996, when population growth estimates called for roughly 332,000 residents by 2010. The current Ada County population is 383,314.

For a look at the full plan, check out the county Web site at

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