Critics Decry FDA Approved GMO Salmon as 'Franken-Fish' 

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened the gates Thursday to genetically engineered salmon, which critics dub "franken-fish," but the FDA insists is "fit for consumption."

AquaBounty Technologies got the government OK to proceed with its lab-engineered salmon, which it says "grows to market-size faster than a conventionally farmed salmon." The Center for Food Safety quickly countered the news with its own announcement that it will file a lawsuit against the FDA to rescind its approval.

“This unfortunate, historic decision disregards the vast majority of consumers, many independent scientists, numerous members of Congress and salmon growers around the world, who have voiced strong opposition,” wrote Wenonah Hauter, executive director of the group Food and Water Watch, in a statement.

In its approval, the FDA said it would not require the genetically engineered salmon to carry a GMO label, but added that companies could voluntarily label the fish as genetically engineered.

The New York Times reports AquaBounty GMO salmon "contains a growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon and a genetic switch from ocean pout, an eel-like creature." Opponents say if the fish were ever to escape AquaAdvantage's confines, it could "outcompete wild salmon for food or mates."
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