Crooked Fence Hydro Flask 40s 

The perfect shenanigan accessory for the craft-beer lover

Have some riotous fun with a hydro flask full of scrumptious suds.

Crooked Fence Brewing Co.

Have some riotous fun with a hydro flask full of scrumptious suds.

Craft beer fans have long had to forgo a rite of pass(out)age: Edward 40 Hands. While their friends chug malt liquor from 40-ounce bottles duct-taped to their hands and try not to wet themselves, the craft kids have sat in unsoiled silence sipping 16-ounce saisons.

No longer. Crooked Fence Brewing recently rolled out a new line of 40-ounce hydro flasks perfect for shenanigans.

"We are referring to it as the 'Garden City 40.' It's kind of gangster," said Crooked Fence's Kelly Knopp.

The bottles are "made from 18/8 stainless steel and feature double-wall vacuum insulation that ensures the temperature of the liquid inside never mingles with the temperature of the environment outside," according to the Hydro Flask website.

Crooked Fence ordered 100 of the bottles two weeks ago and has already sold around 25. Though the brewery is obligated to sell the containers for $34 unfilled, they are offering a sweet deal: $6 for refills.

"We already have the 64-ounce growler, so it was just a nice option that people could walk out with a different quantity of beer, because some people aren't going to go home and drink 64 ounces. I totally will, I'm not above that, but it's another option for people," said Knopp, laughing.

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