CSI Boise 

OK, this goes in our "Eeewwww!" file.

The Ada County coroner has launched a new Web site giving residents the chance to try their hands at CSI-style investigations. Each month, the site will be updated with a new photo from one of the department's past investigations. Along with the picture, coroner's staff provides details of the investigation and the ultimate outcome.

While the office promises the photo won't be graphic, the severed and seemingly mummified hand/paw currently posted on the site is enough to make us cringe. For those with less-queasy stomachs, the site will use photographs and X-rays to lead viewers through the investigation process.

Eventually, the site will be expanded to include information on historic cases and links to the national registry of unsolved cases. Check it out for yourself at AdaWeb.net and head to the coroner's department. Click on the link to coroner investigations.

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