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An article in High Times magazine argues that Jesus Christ may have used a cannabis-based anointing oil in order to help cure people of such ailments as skin diseases, eye problems, menstrual problems and even epilepsy. Author Chris Bennet says that his conclusions are based on scriptural texts and claims that the medical use of cannabis during the time of Christ is supported by archaeological records. "The holy anointing oil, as described in the original Hebrew version of the recipe in Exodus, contained over six pounds of keneh-bosum-a substance identified by respected etymology, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis extracted into about six quarts of olive oil along with a variety of other fragrant herbs," claims Bennet. Researchers believe that the keneh-bosom extract, which is absorbed into the body when placed on the skin, can help cure people of a variety of physical and mental problems. (BBC)


After years of orgasmic celebrations, the Brazilian town of Espertantina has finally made it official: From now on, May 9 will be known as Orgasm Day. "We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses," said the town's mayor Felipe Santolia. "There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation." Apparently the town has been celebrating Orgasm Day for many years now, but the former mayor had vetoed an attempt to make it an official municipal holiday. That's changed now thanks to Santolia, who explained that "I'm 32, single and I have an open mind." Orgasm Day celebrations will include panel discussions by sexologists, a presentation of the play The Vagina Monologues, and, one hopes, plenty of orgasms among the common folk. (Yahoo! News)


And now a friendly Curious Times tourist alert. The next time you travel to Thailand make sure you protect all your orifices ... from flies. Last week saw not one but two cases of flies laying their eggs inside the heads of Thai people. The first happened to an 84-year-old man who had to have 50 maggots removed from his ear after doctors discovered that a fly decided to use the man's skull as a new home for her babies. The man had suffered from intense itching of his ear which he couldn't stop. After scratching his ear so aggressively that his eardrum ruptured and started bleeding, the man finally went to see the doctor who was forced to use tweezers and a suction device to remove the critters from his ear. Meanwhile, a 38-year-old woman had surgery performed to remove 34 maggots from inside her nasal cavity after going to her doctor with complaints of a swollen cheek. "Probably while she was sleeping, a fly went up her nose and laid its eggs, which then hatched into larvae," speculated her doctor. (Reuters)


Strange research into the power of suggestion from the University of Missouri has discovered that the mere thought of booze influences the sex drive of college kids. The experimenters first questioned 82 undergrad men about how alcohol affected their libido and then flashed words and jumbled letters at them on a computer screen. The control group was exposed to random words, while the other group was flashed a group of words which included the words beer, whisky, martini and other alcohol-related suggestions. The men were then asked to rate photographs of women on a scale of one to nine. Oddly enough, the men who believed that alcohol increased their sex drive rated the photos more favorably after subconsciously viewing alcohol cue words while the men who expected alcohol to reduce their sexual performance rated the women as less attractive. Ronald Friedman, the psychologist who ran this experiment, has been studying how words can affect our behavior and claims that another experiment found that flashing words such as "old age" and "bingo" at students caused them to walk more slowly down the school's hallways. (Nature)


The insane idea of building an elevator to space just keeps getting more real. The latest news comes from a company in Washington state, which says it will open a plant this summer to manufacture the nanotube fibers which will be used to build an eight-inch-wide tube stretching 62,000 miles from an ocean platform into space. After completion a robot will crawl up and down the elevator transporting satellites and eventually people into orbit. (CBS News)

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