Curious World - June 23, 2004 


If you've been worried about the state of George W. Bush's mental health, you're not alone. Check out an article at the Capitol Hill Blues Web site, which makes the case that Dubya is indecisive, moody, paranoid and delusional. According to this article, White House aides have voiced private concerns about the President's mental stability, citing episodes of violent mood swings, bouts with paranoia and obscene outbursts. The case against Bush's mental health has also been made by Dr. Justin Frank, author of Bush On The Couch: Inside the Mind of the President. Dr. Frank calls Bush "an untreated ex-alcoholic with paranoid and megalomanian tendencies," and also suggests that Bush's military behavior may stem from an unconscious resentment of the men and women of the armed forces, "whose bravery puts his own (nonexistent) wartime service record to shame." Dr. Carolyn Williams, a psychoanalyst who specializes in paranoid personalities (and who happens to be a card-carrying Republican) agrees with the diagnosis. "His behavior suggests a classic paranoid personality," concluded Dr. Williams, "additionally, his stated belief that certain actions are 'God's will' are symptomatic of delusional behavior." Get all the dirt at


A Taiwanese man's unfortunate name has scared off dozens of potential dates over the course of his life. The 38-year-old engineer has a name pronounced "lan seung tua," which means "penis too big" in Taiwan's most widely spoken language, Hokkien. Lan believes that his unusual name, coupled with the fact that he weighs over 260 pounds has hurt is chances with women, who are understandably scared off by the implied threat to their most intimate possession. He did manage to get married once two years ago to a Vietnamese bride who didn't speak his language. Despite his troubles Lan refuses to change his name, saying that he enjoys the fact that people always remember him. (Asian Post)


London's Guardian newspaper has revealed that as well as torturing and murdering their enemies, the United States and its allies have set up a worldwide network of hidden prisons where over 3,000 al-Qaeda suspects are being held without trial. An investigation by the Guardian has found that since 9/11 thousands of alleged terrorists have been transferred to an "invisible" network of prison and detention centers either to bypass extradition laws or to transfer the prisoners to a country where they can be tortured more easily. As well, at least 70 transfers have occurred of suspects who American interrogators believe would give up details if they received harsher treatment than is legally allowed in their own country. "Whoever the Americans find hard to investigate in Pakistan and Afghanistan, they move to Jordan, where they are tortured in every way," said a Jordanian militant. (The Guardian)


Here's a strange one to file under "Freaky Twin Coincidence." Last week two-year-old identical twins in Manchester each managed to break their arms in exactly the same place, on the same day, and thanks to the same slide in their backyard. The weirdness began early in the day when the first twin fell off the slide and broke his left arm. While his mother took him to the hospital, his father put the slide down on its side in order to avoid anymore accidents. A few hours later, the second twin tripped over the slide, also breaking his left arm. "The hospital staff were rubbing their eyes in disbelief," said the boys' mother. (Daily Express)


You have to expect that 18-year-old girls are going to be so obsessed with their looks that they feel the need to get a boob job. But you would think their parents wouldn't actively promote their daughter's insecurities. Nevertheless, recent stats show that many parents are buying breast implants as a graduation present for their young Britney Spears wannabees. According the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of 18-year-olds who underwent breast implant surgery last year nearly tripled from the year before--from 3,872 in 2002 to 11,326 in 2003. Plastic surgeons say there is a growing trend of parents buying the boobs for their kids, including providing the $3,500 to $7,000 surgery as a graduation gift. What a beautiful, vacuous world. (NY Post)

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