Dear Minerva,

I am reading your column in the Boise Weekly dated Feb. 21-27, 2018. The subject is about a spouse who does not have intimate relations with his or her spouse because the other one does not want or need to anymore. So that is my question: Since you did not identify which sex the couple were (male/female, male/male, female/female), I was wondering if you could tell me? I guess it doesn't matter, but I was just curious. Thank you, and I read your column all the time.



Dear Curious,

Thanks for this question. This is a great time to discuss a little bit about how my column works. I answer the questions as I get them. They are only edited if there are issues with length or grammar. You get the questions as I receive them. I don't know the sexes of the two individuals in this particular question; I also cannot make any assumptions. In order to fairly and responsibly respond, I cannot "fill in the blanks" or tell myself a story about what is going on. It wouldn't be fair to do so. While I won't shirk from sharing my opinions on even the most outlandish, risque questions, I must maintain the integrity of the column by keeping the questions accurate. That is one of the tricky parts of an advice column: I'm limited by the part of the story someone chooses to share. Thank you for your support and readership!

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