Cut it Out 

Dear Minerva,

How do you handle the increasing rudeness of people in this world? For instance, I was recently traveling and waiting in line. I have a tendency to arrive early, and I had been waiting for quite some time when this young man just walked in front of me and cut me off when it was time to board. I didn't say anything, but I wanted to. What should I have done?


Not A Cutter

Dear nac,

The problem with traveling, is with so many security concerns and high profile incidents in the news, there is hardly a way to respond to the rude and entitled behavior of others without risking the situation becoming heated. As in all things, try to remember who you are as a person and the rules you live by are yours and yours only. There is no way to make sure others live up to your standards. There is also no way to know what has happened to them in their lives to make them behave a certain way. For all you know, the young man who cut you off may not have known you were there. We're all mixed up sometimes and, heaven knows, I have sometimes been so preoccupied, I haven't paid proper attention to my surroundings. Give people grace, and continue living up to your own standards. Manners will take you to the front of the line in life. All too often people learn this the hard way and usually too late.

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