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Why The Handlebar? Maybe you enjoy a bar with an almost obscene number of bike racks, both inside and out. Perhaps you love having a beer while tinkering with your crank arm or tweaking your gears. Maybe you appreciate any establishment that encourages playing good old board games with your friends. Or, like me, maybe you really get a kick out of flushing a urinal by pulling on a bike brake. (I'm 90% sure this is just in the men's restroom, but I have no proof.)

To Compete or Not to Compete? Thursday and Friday nights are sacred at The Handlebar. These evenings are reserved for competitions—bike polo, handlebar-less tricycle races and triketor pulls, as well as chess, Farkle and giant Jenga tournaments. The competitions are often accompanied by music, always have prizes and occasionally feature new bikes for the winners. And speaking of giant Jenga, I would like to thank whomever wrote my number down on a block with the instruction to "send a picture of your feet." It really brightens my day.

Don't Miss This: First, social media. If you aren't following The Handlebar on Instagram or Facebook, change that before you finish reading this column. Updates on the latest competitions are posted daily, and pop-up happy hours are not unheard-of. Second, the mystery beer machine. Three dollars in, unknown can out. And third, take a moment to read the labels of the popcorn flavorings.

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What's the Happiest Hour? Even during the winter, two tired Tuesday can't be beat—ride your bike in for $2 off the first draft, and bonus discounts during inclement weather.

Where to Find It: The Handlebar is located at 1519 W. Main St. in Boise.

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