Daddy Dearest, Harbinger of Doom 

Some say the image of an über-protective, shotgun-toting father is outdated, uncool-you know, real square-like, daddio. Don't tell that to Paul David Thomas, the Eagle patriarch who made headlines from Bombay to Boston last week after pulling the classic prank of kidnapping his daughter's boyfriend, driving him into the hills and threatening to kill him. Only, it wasn't a prank.

According to Ada County Sheriffs, Thomas parked his van outside of Eagle High School on May 18, following the offending lad on his lunch break. The boyfriend, seeing his lady's father driving behind him, pulled over and told Thomas that his daughter was not in the car. Thomas responded by throwing the boyfriend around, stealing his cell phone, and forcing him into the van.

While hurtling down Park Lane, Thomas reportedly mentioned-repeatedly-that he intended to kill the boyfriend, who logically responded by jumping out of the van near Beacon Light Road and running into a nearby field. Thomas, now committed to the hunt, chased the boyfriend with the van through the field.

In the middle of this dramatic pursuit, the boyfriend noticed some friends of his returning to school from lunch and got into their car. Thomas reportedly continued chasing that car, forced it to the side of the road, and threatened all inside. The boyfriend, still slightly jumpy after the repeated attempts on his life, leapt from the car and ran up a nearby hill to call 911. Officers arrived soon after, but have not yet announced what drove Thomas to take such a personal interest in his daughter's suitor. If Thomas is convicted of second-degree kidnapping, he may have 25 years to figure it out.

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