Dan Noakes to Speak at Rediscovered Books, Show Videos of 900-Mile Hike 

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Dan Noakes

When summer hits, many of us spend our time lazing around the pool, or hiding out in air-conditioned houses—and then there's McCall resident Dan Noakes, who hiked the treacherous, 900-mile Idaho Centennial Trail last summer in 52 days. In hindsight, Noakes said the adventure was in part an unconscious effort to bond with his father, an avid outdoorsman.

"Hiking the whole state of Idaho not only fulfilled a deep desire to go out in the wild, it also connected me with my father in a way that I didn't previously recognize," Noakes said. "...My parents separated when I was younger, and I was mad at him for a long, long time and didn't really talk to him, but I always found these activities that connected me with him, whether it was skiing or one of the big ones was hiking."

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  • Dan Noakes
When he's not fording rivers or crunching through snow on mountainsides, Noakes is a video animator, so it's no surprise that he created a YouTube video series chronicling his ICT journey. On Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 7 p.m., he'll bring his whirlwind story—complete with plenty of video clips—to Rediscovered Books as part of its Outdoor Conversations Series in collaboration with the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation.

The talk will focus in large part on his father, his childhood and revelations he had on the trail, but a quick peek at his videos shows there's bound to be some humor, too. From taking a quick break from hiking to catch the latest Star Wars movie to hitting the trail naked on his birthday (a tradition, apparently), Noakes made sure to have a good time, no matter how rough the weather. Check out a teaser below.

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