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The Wheel of Waltz beckoned dancers at Boise's Best Bad Dancer 2.

Andrew Crisp

The Wheel of Waltz beckoned dancers at Boise's Best Bad Dancer 2.

From the ruby-hue of zombie blood splattering at Red Room to the blue haze hovering over hipsters at Sapphire Room, it was a colorful weekend in Boise.

Boise Weekly freelancer Christina Marfice lurched down to Red Room Jan. 17 for the opening night of HomeGrown Theatre's horror comedy, Living Dead in Denmark. Written by New York playwright Qui Nguyen, the story follows the adventures of three resurrected Shakespearean heroines--Ophelia, Lady Macbeth and Juliet--as they lay waste to an army of zombies, spearheaded by zombie Hamlet.

"Nearly every scene contains a rock music-fueled fight to the death from which the heroines narrowly escape," wrote Marfice. "The nonstop action is coupled with frequent and dirty vagina jokes and a sordid love affair between Juliet and Lady Macbeth. ... The stage is set by a projection screen that creates scenes that parody classic video games, while providing enough splattering virtual blood to turn a sensitive stomach."

Speaking of turning stomachs, a motley crew of terrible dancers busted out their wince-worthy moves Jan. 18 at the packed Liquid Lounge during Boise's Best Bad Dancer 2. And judges Minerva Jayne, Idaho Dance Theatre Company Manager Jynx Jenkins and comedian Mikey Pullman were tasked with selecting the worst from the moonwalking bunch.

"When you did the worm, I wanted you to be at the bottom of my bottle of tequila," said Jayne to the first contestant.

According to BW's Andrew Crisp, "Poorly timed hip-swaying, sprinklers, shuffles, finger-pointing and rump-shaking were rampant, leaving judges with their work cut out for them after watching nearly one-dozen contestants battle it out."

Ultimately, judges chose a powerfully bad performance set to Big and Rich's "Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy)," by a man known only as the "Polish Prancer."

Later Jan. 18 at the Riverside Hotel's new Sapphire Room, a sold-out crowd put the hip in hip-swaying, getting down at the Treefort Launch Party, which featured DJ Lamont Kohner, Shades and Denver band Flashlights.

"The Sapphire Room's multiple levels and dim blue lighting from crystal-like fixtures gave serious atmosphere," noted BW's Josh Gross. "It certainly didn't hurt that the lads from Anti-Magic were doing video projections on a screen behind the stage. What did hurt was that Kohner had the stage presence of boiled cabbage. His trip-hop beats were great backing music, but he mixed them from a seated position behind a desk on stage."

But the headlining two-man synth-pop outfit Flashlights brought up the energy.

"The lights are off. No one's watching you. So get the fuck down," said singer Ethan Converse.

According to Gross, "when it came time for the final song, Converse invited as many people as would fit onstage to dance with them."

After the band's set, the crowd dispersed into various hotel rooms, keeping the party going until the wee hours.

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