Dark Prison, white Rap 

While the debate over allegations of U.S.-mandated torture rages on in Congress, the group Human Rights Watch released this week graphic accounts of the conditions under which prisoners live in a secret military prison in Afghanistan. Some of the charges include prisoners being deprived of food and water, chained to walls or metal rings for long periods of time, being kept in total darkness and being continuously subjected to Eminem's music at very high volumes. Does listening to Slim Shady for weeks on end qualify as "torture?" Perhaps, but we're also thinking the military's choice of music isn't all that random. Consider the following scenario, taking place after several weeks of Eminosmosis:

Interrogator: "Hi, my name is...

Prisoner: "What?"

My name is...


"My name is..."

"Zicka-zicka al-Qaeda."

"(Into radio) We've got a confession down here, general. Bomb at will."

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