David Robert King: Take Me Home 

Performance and CD signing in-store tonight at RX, 7 p.m., FREE

King and the Lost River Boys perform tonight at 7 p.m. at the Record Exchange.

Listener beware: If you are perched precariously on an emotional fence, David Robert King's debut solo album, Take Me Home, will undoubtedly push you right off. In five touching arrangements, his crushed velvet voice is soul-soothing, while his lyrics are agonizingly soul-searching.

As King croons on everything from unrequited love to the eternal dark season of heartache, his spirit comes across as restless and tortured. In a song appropriately titled, "The Winter," King acknowledges "a tall glass of whiskey / and a short glass of pride"—a poignant combination that surely resonates with anyone who has experienced the turmoil of a breakup. In "Somehow Today," he confesses a similar vulnerability which feels so genuine, one can only assume King's inspiration springs from a real romance.

King's vocals are accompanied by a gorgeous assortment of acoustic guitar, drums, piano and bass, all of which add a sort of contained energy that softens the lyrical angst. The gentle instrumentals are technically perfect and the folksy rock-and-roll sound is reminiscent of Carbon Leaf.

Since King is a native Idahoan, it's inevitable that any tour activity surrounding Take Me Home will have him performing around the Treasure Valley with what promises to be a truly enjoyable live performance. In fact, on second thought, don't "beware" at all. Go ahead and plumb the depths of emotion with David Robert King, if you get the chance—it's worth it to let that sweet voice push your heartache away.

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