Daylight, March 13, Shredder 

Youngsters be rockin'

It's interesting to hear a band and feel nostalgic, only to learn it's not a band you somehow missed in your formative years but one that's not even as old as your favorite Chuck Taylors.

Pennsylvania-based Daylight is a youngster of a band: Its debut album, Jar (Run For Cover, April 2013), is not quite a year old. And though the band's grungey/alt/emo rock is hardly new, it is oddly refreshing--Daylight uses classic forms to create new music. The track "Life in a Jar" opens with Nirvana-esque guitar and vocalist Taylor Madison singing in a quiet, slightly ominous tone, his phrases abruptly clipped at the end. It's not surprising when the build-up leads to Madison belting out the chorus, and most of the tracks on Jar follow that same convention pretty closely­--but that doesn't make the songs any less satisfying. It's like those Chuck Taylors: You love them because they're familiar, not in spite of it.

6 p.m., $10, Daylight, Mixtapes, Telescopes As Time Machines and Dearborne. Shredder, 430 S. 10th St., 208-345-4355,
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