DCI: A T. Rex Named Sue 

You better checks it before you Rex it.

The Field Museum

You better checks it before you Rex it.

Other than in movies and books, what we see of clade Dinosauria IRL is often just a few small fossil fragments—until now. The Discovery Center of Idaho recently welcomed "A T. rex named Sue," a traveling exhibit of the "largest, best-preserved and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found."

At 13-feet tall and more than 40-feet long, Sue is a replica made of more than 250 "bones" cast from the original T. rex fossils found in 1990 in Faith, S.D. Purchased for $8.4 million by the Field Museum in Chicago, Sue has been traveling since 2000, bringing with her interactive activities and additional casts, which allow visitors an up-close experience.

We should all look so good at 65 million years old.

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