Dear IRS, 

I strongly oppose the current U.S.-led attack and occupation of Iraq. Roughly 50 percent of our income tax dollars are spent on military and the bloodshed of innocent women, children and men who were never a threat to American security. This expenditure of federal tax money depletes resources from educational programs, community health, infrastructure and other extremely vital needs. I believe the occupation in Iraq has only made matters worse and will not get better until troops have withdrawn and returned to their families and friends. I cannot, in good conscience, silently contribute to our government's arrogant need to pursue this illegal war.

For said reasons I have withheld payment of $108.60 (30 percent of the $362 your calculations state I "owe") for my 2004 federal taxes. This 30 percent signifies the portion of the federal fund figures outlined in the Budget of the United States Government FY 2005, as charted by the War Resisters League, directed toward paying for the U.S. current military spending ($427 billion to Department of Defense, $106 billion to "other departments," $25 billion for "supplemental allowance," and $85 billion for supplemental appropriations).

I will be redirecting this amount I am withholding into peaceful, community-based organizations that benefit people, not power.

I understand this action is in violation of laws that demand I pay for a war I do not support, and I am aware that the money you are getting from me will still be used for more senseless violence, but symbolically it gives me a voice of opposition to the current bloodthirsty, greedy, power-hungry regime that is the Bush Administration. Not only am I including this letter with my return, I intend to also circulate this letter to the offices of Senators Feinstien and Boxer, local media, as well as my friends and family.


Samuel Formo

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