December 14, 2005 

All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams. — Elias Canetti

Dear Dream Zone, Last night I dreamt I was outside. I looked down the street and wolves were everywhere, knocking over trashcans and raising hell. The largest wolf came towards me. I started to run as he was snapping at my heels. I decided to turn and face him, narrowly dodging a bite to the ribs. I caught him by the neck, forced him down onto his back and choked him. He went limp and I thought he was dead. I released his neck, and he sprang up again, attacking! I was able to force him down again. I knew the only way to make him stop was to break his neck. SNAP! I let go of his head, and he lay motionless on the ground. —Nick 18, Memphis, TN

Lauri: Wolves in dreams symbolize greed and ravenous desires and are quite common in young men's dreams, if ya know what I mean!! Just as you battled the wolf in your dream, have you been battling those raging hormones?? All those wolves are parts of you that you are trying to keep under control... the parts of you that want to go on a wild, predatory rampage (hunting girls), your party "animal" and so on. This dream shows that you were successful in overcoming a recent urge... but there are many more waiting down the road for you, you healthy young man you!! Not to worry, this was a good dream, showing you have control over your desires and temptations. Nick replies: Thank you so much for breaking that down for me! As you can probably imagine, there are plenty of things I can get into as a high school senior and it has been tough to fight that temptation. Your interpretation is very uplifting and I’m extremely relieved to hear that it is a fairly normal dream.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Animals in dreams show us how we are behaving. When you get an animal in your dream, compare the animal’s behavior to your own recent behavior. Is it a behavior that needs to be tamed or released?

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