December 7, 2005 

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In our MAIL guidelines Boise Weekly specifically states we may edit letters for clarification. On a rare occasion, however, our clarification changes the intent of what the original writer was trying to say. With Joe Moran's letter last week, we did just that. What he intended to say was this.

"Why not have a few family nights (no TV) other than selected videos or Channel 4. I get all my videos and DVDs from the local library, free. Stop buying the Statesman and let the publisher know that will be your policy until his paper starts using the front page for international news and local "emotional politics" are reserved for either 30 pages back or the trash bin."

Rove Gone

Suddenly Karl Rove, one of the most influential people in the Bush administration, has disappeared from view. Ordinarily when such a shocker occurs, especially in our nation's capital, hundreds of police, and many, many leaders in our government would be searching frantically. But somehow, his disappearance has gone without much furor. Maybe we citizens should organize a nationwide search. Who would like to join the posse (as they say in Texas) to find the missing Karl Rove?

--Tom Edgar,


Otter come home

Representative Otter is returning to Idaho. Good thing, before he gives any more federal land away to the mining interests and local governments where it can easily become private property. With a track record like that, what can we expect of Governor Otter? Is it goodbye Idaho Endowment Lands and the rest of the federal lands? Outdoorsmen be vigilant. What you know as Idaho could be extinct as the dinosaur and low gasoline prices in just a few years.

--Joe Bejsovec,


A prayer for all

With the Winter Solstice season holidays approaching, I offer the following appeal.

(Please hold your heads up, and keep your eyes wide open.)

As rational beings, let us use our best efforts to discover the truth as shown by observable evidence. As emotional beings, let us follow our passions to create things and relationships of beauty, and avoid senseless conflict.

Let us choose those human values that maximize happiness for ourselves and others. Let us be competent, productive, cooperative and compassionate.

Let us have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and to listen sincerely when others express their beliefs.

Let us build the kind of world where people can find happiness here on earth.


--Paul D. Rolig, President, Humanists of Idaho

Justice or the Blue Wall?

As a member of the Boise suspicion, I am dismayed with the "coroner's inquest" regarding the shooting of Matthew Jones. Although his father stated from the beginning of this judicial fiasco that he would not sue the City of Boise, he should! It wouldn't be about the money. No amount will ease his pain and grief. It could be the only venue so the real truth can be revealed and not the slanted perspective that was just presented.

The questions that have arisen from the recent inquest are absolutely frightening. Was the evidence of that evening tampered with in an effort to exonerate an officer? If so, who did it? The police department is not above the law or are they. It was revealed that the outer jacket the officer was wearing had no bayonet tear in it. If the young man had actually stabbed at the officer, basic principles of science dictate it would have had to pierce the outermost garment first. The officer offered the explanation that perhaps it had mended itself. Miracle fabric?

The officer testified that he had been stabbed at in his shoulder area but the cuts in the shirt and the vest were in the lower back area. There was no drywall residue on the tear on the shirt but it was on the vest. How is that scientifically possible?

Low and behold, after the inaccuracy of the missing cut to the outer jacket was testified to in court, 11 months after the fact a small cut was discovered by the police. Timing is everything. One would presume the evidence had been thoroughly examined after the incident and now they want the public to believe that it was there but it had been overlooked. Oops, the newly discovered cut in the jacket doesn't align with the cuts in the shirt or vest. Is there incompetence in investigating or tampering with evidence?

The Boise Police are there to serve and protect the public but the infamous "Blue Wall" comse first at any cost? The community has a right to know the truth and that doesn't appear to have happened in this case. The amount of time that had elapsed between the incident and getting the inquest convened, with jurors deemed acceptable, by the prosecutors office was unacceptable. Justice may be blind but the Boise community is not stupid and that is how we have been treated.

The community deserves an unsanitized examination of the evidence in an effort to not have another horrific incident of this nature to occur. Could procedures be reexamined? Certainly! That should be a priority. I think the public understands what a extremely difficult and often thankless role the police play in the community. They put their safety in jeopardy each day they go to work. But if the officer reacted with excessive force it should be revealed. The integrity of the entire department has fallen under a cloud of suspicion for the manner in which this was handled.

The community deserves answers to the irregularities that were revealed.

--Patricia Luttrell, Boise

editor's note

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing on an abridged schedule for the holidays. Please submit your letters to the editor sooner rather than later. We hope you enjoy the holiday season, as we will.

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